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[NEW] How to change app icons IOS 17 iPhone with and without Shortcuts

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Ever since IOS 14 was released for the iPhone, the internet is full of new app icon sets to change and personalize your home screen. What Android had for the last 10 years is now available for Apple fans as well.

Not fully hough as changing these app icons is kind of hacky. It uses the Shortcuts app to create IOS 17 icons for the homescreen which when tapped open Shortcuts app which open the selected app. It's not pretty and comes with some drawbacks we'll talk about later.

Table of Contents

How to get custom app icons IOS 17?

Below are some previews of the popular Calm IOS 17 icon set. It comes with 6 themes which you can mix&match.

Calm Icons themes

Calm iPhone icons in purple theme

Download IOS 17 icons

How to customize app icons IOS 17?

Here are the steps needed that explain how to customize your iPhone home screen.

The first time you go through them will take some time but as you'll be adding more icons (it can take a while depending on how many apps you have), you will quickly get a hang on it and be faster.

To change app icons on IOS 17, do the following steps:

  • Download and unzip IOS17 App Icons, and upload the icon pack folder to iCloud to easily change the icon.
  • Open App for Shortcuts.
  • To add a new shortcut, tap + in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Click the button for Add Action.
  • Pick the Scripting Option on the next screen.
  • Choose Open App choice.
  • To pick an App you want to launch, tap Choose.
  • Look for the app on the list or search for it if you don't see it.
  • With 3 circles, press the circle button.
  • Tap the option Connect to Home Screen.
  • Tap the tiny second button below.
  • Choose the Choose File choice.
  • Browse or scan for a particular icon inside the uploaded icon package in the iCloud folder and pick it.
  • You can rename it after you pick the symbol.
  • You can erase the symbol text by clicking on the X to provide a cleaner screen.
  • A progress update popup will see you.
  • On your home screen, the latest icon is shown.

View these IOS 17 home screen ideas to get more inspiration about your customization.

Pros and cons when you customize app icons

One of the best things ist hat you can have an icons design system meaning that all icons will have the same or similar style either in one or more colors.

The drawback is that these icons don't show notifications so you may be missing those red numbers on social icons or messages and even phone calls. But there is a positive side to this, your time spend on using your phone will go down and you'll have fewer distractions.

If you want to really have a calm phone, you may want to disable notifications for all apps apart from iPhone, Messages and the ones you really need if someone calls you.

How to customize app icons and widgets

Icon packs have their own design style so combining them with widgets can be tricky, especially if the icons have a background color. Some widget apps like Color Widgets have the ability to input the RGB values of the widget so you can have the same colors as the icons.

Some other widget apps won't have that option or the functionality you're looking for. But more are added regularly. Widgetsmith is also another popular one that will allow you to blend in the iphone icons with it.

YouTube also have some great reviews for customizing app icons and widgets so make sure to search there as well.

How to change app icons IOS 17 without Shortcuts app

There are two ways of using the custom app icons without the shortcuts app. You need to Install Icon Themer or Launch Center Pro apps.

Icon Themer can feel a bit insecure, so be careful when installing and read the comments on the webpage. Youtube also has a great tutorial on how to install and customize your home screen with it.

Launch Center Pro on the other hand is on the App Store so the security should be good.


I hope you liked the guide on how to change app icons IOS 17 and you'll be enjoying your new iPhone experience.