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IOS 17 Widgets: 5 Best home screen productivity widgets for iPhone


One regret that all iPhone lovers used to have is the lack of customization features on the home screen. It was monotonous to see the same default icons for apps with the option to change the widgets and use amazing app icon packs to make IOS 17 home screen aesthetic.

With IOS 17 it all got changed, Apple updated the new version with long-awaited widgets and iPhone themes can now be customized.

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New IOS 17 App icons to customize your Apple iPhone

Not only can you change the look of your mobile with the best IOS 17 widgets apps below, but you can also use a custom icon pack like the Calm.

There's also a variety of IOS 17 home screen themes that you can use to fit your own style.

Calm App Icons
Get Calm icons for apps

iPhone users are now enjoying their time by customizing home screen with amazing widgets and app icons. Apple inc users are finding the widget options enticing by redesigning widgets for all basic apps like weather, Siri, music, TV, Shortcuts, Battery, etc.

Apart from offering the option to customize iPhone widgets IOS 17 to look attractive, widgets are super-efficient to make you productive. Thus, here are the five best IOS17 widgets to stay productive:

Spark widgets with SparkMail

Calm App Icons

If you are looking for a widget that can support all your email accounts and is user-friendly too then Spark is the IOS17 widget for you. I love the fact that Spark widget works with all of the different email accounts smoothly, it also includes other options like One Note, Cloud Storage, Evernote, Two-way authentication, built-in calendar, and much more. Scheduling email via Spark is easy and quick. When we are discussing IOS 17 widgets, we can't forget about customization, and Spark widget does provide a variety of options like customized sidebar, dark mode, different color, and appearance.


TimePage Apple IOS 17 widgets

IOS 17 TimePage widgets

When it comes to productivity we can't forget about the calendar IOS 17 widget. TimePage is a classy calendar widget that helps you manage your events, add notes, and share with your contacts. You can check weather and maps with just a click and organize your schedules accordingly. I love the Heatmap feature that lets you know which is your busiest time and when you are free. The best part, TimePage is easy to use and you don't have to be a technology geek to use it.

TimePage App

Drafts - Smart widgets

IOS17 Drafts widgets

Drafts is an exemplar of IOS17 productivity widget. Drafts is for all iPhone power users. I love that Drafts allow me to record/write my thoughts on the go and even sync with other devices. A simple app that makes all note-taking apps inadequate. It is a great way to jolt (either write or dictate) and later organize them for sending emails, creating documents, or mind mapping. It gives amazing options to customize the interface like fonts, line heights, margins, or switch to dark mode. Drafts is a must-have IOS 17 widget for your iPhone.

Drafts App

Widgetsmith for Apple's IOS 17

Widgetsmith screens

We all are loving IOS17 because of the impactful update that is widgets. Widgetsmith provides a step-up option to customize your own widget with a wide range of options. You can customize like weather, health, astronomy, reminders, and more. You can have fun with lots of colors, fonts, and even different sizes. The perfect way to make your iPhone home screen layout productive and personalized. You can even create a unique stack for any apps you're using.


Things - Add a To Do widget for your home screen

Things To Do Widgets

I like to have my task list right on my homepage screen. Things is one such tool, I prefer to use on my Apple devices. With IOS 17 widgets, Things widget helps to display lists of my tasks right on my iPhone screen. The widget provides options that filter your tasks according to tags, priorities, and days like upcoming, someday, anytime, etc. Just like all the above-mentioned widgets, Things' widget all provide customization options to make IOS 17 widget aesthetic.


Widgets stack for productivity

I prefer productivity over appearance, but having a good time playing with the new IOS 17 widgets. Don't forget to share with us which are your favorite IOS17 productivity widgets in the comments after learning how to customize widgets IOS 17.